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James lived in Armstrong CO. Gore 16 Aug ; Mrs. Sarah Younger, ca 7. HH 7 Jun Bazen, W. HH 16 Jul Gore, W. For decades, his name could be found on Association letterheads as chair or member of this or that committee. HH 29 Jan Congdon, G. The hospital had exceeded its rated capacity with over 2, patients bybut the number of patients subsequently declined until DeWitt State Hospital was closed in For example, his big Natural Bridge house, although constructed strongly with huge timbers for its framework, and undoubtedly well appointed and richly furnished in the tenor of his day, was neither more fortlike nor more bulletproof than the ordinary large dwelling of the period.

HH 6 Apr Loughborough, J. Seymour and Almira R. HH 29 Nov Jordan, Benj. As for the writing, he complained in a letter to the Clinton News that the Magpie should be published more often because he and a lot of other students wanted to get their work published.

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HH 19 Nov Jones, E. This information comes from numerous sources and may be in part inaccurate, so use it at your own risk. HH 18 May Johnson, M. HH 26 Aug Jordan, D. HH 29 Sep Gause, W. Archie, Floyd, Marshall, Herbert, daus: HH 23 Dec Johnson, Ruby, age 4, d. HH 6 Aug Brown, W.

HH 25 Jul Collins, Rollie, 19 mo. Elliott, brother; Lizzie Elliott, sister. Lillie Fowler of Howard, Mrs. He is shown denying firemen access to the last lifeboat. Harrelson, Miss Sadie, brothers, W. As a professional photographer, with thirty years at LIFE magazine, he captured some of the most widely seen pictures of World War II, the space program, and sports events.

Bishop officiated at many noteworthy weddings, including the marriage of Thurgood Marshall and Cecelie Suyat. But his fame would not be restricted to his fast feet.

HH 8 Nov l, 20 Dec HH 11 Jul Hawkins, Jack [colored], d. Funeral to be preached Abrams, Charles L. They had two children, William Lindsayborn inand Mary Katherine, born in She died in in St.

Settlement was begun in at Clinton and it is believed that Lemuel and Hannah emigrated from Plymouth at that date, they returned to Connecticut before and to Pompey, New York, in Buren Harrelson and Mrs.

HH 23 Mar Clardy, W. Barbara was born on 6 Jul in Amsterdam, Holland. Mary died in a horse-riding accident, prompting her father to write a famous eulogy, "Mary White," on August 17, HH 2 Aug Brown, B.

DWC Hall of Notable Alumni [Return to News Front Page] February 15, 09 - DWC News by The Staff DEWITT CLINTON ALUMNI ASSOCIATION - Hall of Notable Alumni PSAL,Team Profile.

League Head Coach Co-Coach Assistant Coach Assistant Coach Volunteer Assistant. Product Description. DeWitt Pro-5 Weed-Barrier 3ftxft Heaviest weight landscape fabric.

A full 5oz/clientesporclics.com woven needle punch polypropylene fabric. William was the son of Paul DeWitt and Margarert Persing. He was the spouse of Elizabeth Tressler. William was the son of Paul DeWitt and Margarert Persing. William Allen White (February 10, – January 29, ) was an American newspaper editor, politician, author, and leader of the Progressive clientesporclics.comn and his death, White became a spokesman for middle America.

William "Bill" Lee DeWitt, Born January 15,passed away on July 31, of a long-term illness. His wife and daughter were in attendance at his.

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