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With an eye to stocking up on meat so that the portage wouldn't have to be protracted by a daily need to hunt, and also against an anticipated scarcity of game in the mountains, they killed eight of the big animals.

The Lewis and Clark Festival re-creates the adventures and hardships of life in the frontier encountered by the Corps of Discovery. Then, after other preparations were made, on July 14 the whole complement pushed upriver.

Sergeant Ordway and nine men from the Clark group, and Sergeant Gass and five men from the Lewis party.

Lower Portage Camp

The Lewis and Clark portage from below the Great Falls, followed approximately the line of poles seen at the left centre of the illustration. Currently there are eight wind-driven power generators in the vicinity of Great Falls with a total output of Thank You to the Festival Sponsors.

The fiddle was plyed and they danced very merrily until 9 in the evening when a heavy shower of rain put and end to that part of the amusement tho' they continued their mirth with songs and festive jokes and were extreemly merry untill late at night.

There is a fee for admission. National Park Service Appleman, Despite less manpower, but aided this time by four horses to pull the wagons, they accomplished the portage in only 8 days, in contrast to 11 on the outbound journey. The time consumed in making the westbound portage threatened the success of the entire venture, for the summer season was advancing, the Shoshonis had not yet been contacted, and the mountains to the west would need to be crossed before the advent of winter.

In short we had no just cause to covet the sumptuous feasts of our countrymen on this day. Only horse trails and footpaths give access to the river downstream from Rainbow Falls to Belt Creek on the south side of the river.

It includes Sulpher Spring open to the public and Lower Portage camp site private land. Unfortunately, extensive hydroelectric development in the vicinity of the city of Great Falls has obliterated the sublime spectacle at the falls that Lewis and Clark viewed. The Montana Power Company owns the land on both sides of Belt Creek for a distance of about 1, feet upstream from its mouth.

Gumbo can bring a modern heavy-duty, four-wheel-drive farm implement to a halt within a short distance. It had been assembled and covered with skins at the upper portage, or White Bear Islands, camp to replace the white pirogue, which was too heavy to portage and was hidden along with a cache of supplies near the lower portage camp for possible use on the return trip.

Next upstream is Ryan Dam, completed inat the "Grand Fall. No signs of the portage route are discernible today, but documentary and cartographic research, coupled with terrain study, has made possible its approximate delineation in the map in this volume entitled "Portage Route Around the Great Falls and Rapids of the Missouri River.

Jones72 Finally on July 15, after a month of portaging around the Great Falls, the explorers set out upstream, eager to locate the Shoshone Indians. Just east of the remnant of the old eastern island, across the railroad track, is apparently the upper portage camp site, which is unmarked.

The present appearance of the White Bear Islands area and the upper portage camp site has changed considerably since The two captains named only the first two falls downstream: During a violent rainstorm, Clark, York, Sacagawea, her baby, and Charbonneau barely escaped drowning along the riverbank.

Despite their splendor the Great Falls presented much danger and hardship for the explorers. To replace the "Experiment," more valuable time then had to be spent constructing two canoes at a place some distance above the upper portage camp where the timber was suitable.

The Sulphur Spring, whose water probably saved Sacagawea's life, is located opposite the mouth of Belt Creek about yards from the north bank of the Missouri on a sloping grass shelf.

On the fifteenth, after carving two more Cottonwood dugout canoes to take its place, the expedition was under way once more. Ryan Dam, in the center, sits just above the Great Falls. Lewis & Clark Portage Cache Store, Great Falls, Montana. likes.

29th Annual Lewis & Clark Festival

We are located in the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center. Come see all of the. Lewis and Clark and the Great Falls Portage Lewis was thrilled to see the enormous waterfall, the Great Falls of the Missouri.

The Portage

It was feet wide and 80 feet high with a "beautiful rainbow" just above the spray. The Great Falls Portage presented Lewis and Clark with one of the most challenging ordeals of the expedition.

On June 13,Lewis and a small advance party witnessed "the grandest sight" (DeVoto) when they became the first white men to see the Great Falls of the Missouri River. Since our founding inwe educate the public about the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

The Chapter presents quality programs and conducts field trips to Lewis and Clark.

Portage Route Chapter

The Lewis and Clark portage from below the Great Falls, followed approximately the line of poles seen at the left centre of the illustration." The view is toward the southwest (see Clark's map below).

Lewis and Clark and the Great Falls Portage The Corps would have to hike 18 miles to get around the five waterfalls.

The Portage

They left their heaviest boat and equipment hidden near the base of the falls.

Lewis clark portage
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