Educational system in turkey

There are various criteria for the promotion of teaching staff members. This process allows greater mobility within the country and has increased the appeal for international students to study in Turkish universities.

Contact Burak at info allaboutturkey. The qualifications in these three fields of study are considered to be the equivalent of a Yuksek Lisans Diplomasi Master's degree.

In the Turkish education system, private schools may be grouped into four. Inthe Ministry of Education included Kurdish based on both Kurmanji and Zazaki dialects [25] to the academic programme of the basic schools as optional classes from the fifth year on.

High schools are mostly owned by the government and provide free education. It is considered to be the equivalent of a Doktora Diplomasi.

Education System in Turkey

Directorates of National Education appointed by the minister organize education affairs within the provinces, but they work under instruction of a governor.

Inthe course was extended to the third last grade of the high schools. They offer 2 years of undergraduate study after high school and are very much like the community colleges in the USA. Tertiary education is the responsibility of the Higher Education Council, and funding is provided by the state for public institutions that make up the bulk of the tertiary education system.

What To Expect From The Educational System In Turkey

The difference between these and normal high schools is one extra year of English study. University level first stage: They have been opened and are active as per the provisions in the amended article 5 of the Law no. Clearly, state universities are by far carrying the major portion of the load of higher education in Turkey.

Educational System of Turkey

In Medicine, the professional qualification of Tip Doktorlugu Diplomasi is conferred. Children who are living in convenient circumstances can be taught how to speak Turkish well, in order to create a common atmosphere for growth.

Being more sympathetic towards the religious sentiments of society, this new government introduced a religion course into secondary schools. Schools normally operate for five days a week, which is Monday to Friday. In addition to this, a university can generate its own income from the services provided by that university, such as patient care in university hospitals.

Private universities take more active initiatives to form and to select international and global educational and research networks. Students wear similar dress to avoid social class differences between the poor and rich children. As a result, the information included on transcripts varied and mobility between universities was difficult.

Educational System of Turkey

Vocational Education Non-formal education in Turkey is available from a network of training centers under overall control of the ministry of education that sets standards.

Galatasaray High School entrance at Istiklal Avenue. These very competitive high schools train students specifically for higher education in the sciences, technical and medical fields.

Education System

Turkish education system is under the supervision and control of the state, namely the Ministry of National Education. According to the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, everyone has the right to receive education. Turkey Structure of Educational System Pre-higher Education System Higher Education System Administrative structure of higher education Admissions to Higher Education and Recognition.

The Turkish National Educational System is composed of two main sections: Formal Education and Non-formal Education. Formal Education Formal education is the regular education of individuals in a certain age group and given in schools.

education policy outlook: turkey © oecd 3 table of contents highlights Turkey is both ancient and young, and to see these divergent aspects coexisting provided a better understanding of the changes and issues within the education system. The education system has been evolving into what we see today since the creation of the modern state of Turkey.

What To Expect From The Educational System In Turkey In the republic of Turkey everyone who is a citizen has a right to education, according to the constitution. Education is free in primary level and for that reason everyone can go to school, except in foreign institutions.

Educational system in turkey
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