Comparing earthquakes

We will then create a booklet to explain the force of earthquakes, as measured on a Richter Scale. Make copies of the Richter Scale Handoutone per every two students. Global plate tectonic movement An earthquake also known as a quake, tremor or temblor is the result of a sudden release of energy in the Earths crust that createsseismic waves.

Remind students that we cannot even drill all the way through the crust. Transform plate boundaries commonly have only earthquakes. Earthquakes are mostly unpredictable, but tsunamis are sometimes predictable. Damage great in poorly built structures.

Engineers who set building codes and officers at insurance companies need to know where the next induced earthquakes will strike and how big they will be. Vibrations similar to the passing of a truck.

Comparing Hawaii and South Carolina's Devastating Earthquakes

Lasting less than a minute, it destroyed most of the city and killed people. Effects were similar, buildings collapsed and services were cut off. The earthquake rate in the state has grown at an astounding pace.

USGS scientists turned the injections on and off and followed the fluid pressure as it migrated through deep rocks. What does it measure. The Richter Scale is based on a reading from a seismograph — a device that detects the waves sent out by an earthquake.

Charities were quick to raise funds for Haiti and contribute medics with specialist equipment but these take time to arrive.

Is this the part where my house falls down. The ocean floors are underlain by oceanic crust. Drilling Sideways Behind the rise of earthquakes is the rise of wastewater injection wells. The innermost portion of the Earth is the core. News stories about the disaster in Japan bandy around two sorts of figures when comparing earthquakes: With that gas and oil, however, come vast quantities of very salty water.

Previously a reporter, writer and editor with Newsweek magazine, she is also author of The Forgotten Cure, which is about bacteriophage viruses and their potential as weapons against antibiotic resistance.

Make copies of the Richter Scale Worksheetone per student. Next, the group had to come up with a maximum magnitude for these temblors: They can kill people. According to the theory, there are two types of plates, oceanic and continental.

Statewide, Texas is experiencing a sixfold increase in earthquakes over historical levels. First, only earthquakes occur when two plates collide obductbuilding a mountain range.

Ohio Says Stop Other states have reacted differently. Instead of drilling right through a gas deposit that is feet thick but miles across, these wells can turn when they are inside the deposit and run for thousands of feet, collecting significantly more gas and oil.

The experiment showed that human-triggered earthquakes could be controlled by adjusting wastewater-injection pressure. As more and more fluid is injected into these wastewater wells, pressure can start to build up on deep geologic faults.

Several thousand people have decided to move away from Port au Prince to stay with family, some have emigrated to other countries.

Drilling for Earthquakes

For example, the Richter scale rating of 2 is ten times the force of a level 1. As the science has advanced, so have regulations. He began to look broadly at earthquake rates in the U.

Comparing Earthquakes

As a class, brainstorm events that can be drawn in the booklet for each event. When they happen together, that means tsunami is triggered by the undersea earthquake.

Earthquakes in the Himalayas are bigger than in the Alps because tectonic plates collide faster

As the gas comes up the well so does the fracking fluid, along with volumes of brine so salty it is hazardous. The core is subdivided into two parts. For example, North Dakota, the second-largest crude oil—producing state after Texas, has logged only one earthquake in the past five years.

To Cathy Wallace, the earthquakes that have been rattling her tidy suburban home in Dallas feel like underground thunderstorms. By comparing the timing and location of the tremors with fluid-injection data provided by the state of Arkansas, Yoon was able to demonstrate that most of the earthquakes were the direct result of.


Comparing and contrasting earthquakes. Comparing and contrasting earthquakes. Have compared the impacts of earthquakes on a MEDC and a LEDC. Have considered development as a key issue in earthquake response. By the end of this section, you will: magnitude of. Scientists are using artificial intelligence technology to analyzed a database of earthquakes from around the world in an effort to predict where aftershocks might occur.

"By comparing them. Make a copy of the 3D diagram showing the cause of earthquakes. Task 3 - Use this worksheet to design a cartoon strip to show the nine different levels of the Richter Scale. This is the scale used to measure the power of earthquakes and is based on what you would see around you.

A lesson designed for Year 9 students however the content was taken from the AQA GCSE specification. Activities have been differentiated. File includes: PowerPoint Card Sort Worksheet (to be printed on A3) /5(2).

The economic damage of the two Moore tornadoes is similar to the median damage of large earthquakes in highly populated areas of developed countries since ($ billion).

To be sure, as noted earlier, the range of damages from such earthquakes is extremely wide and can vary greatly based on magnitude, geology, population density and.

Comparing earthquakes
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